Below Our Upcoming shows are lists of some recent shows that may interest you

October  21st. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest will be  ------

Fr. Chris Alar, MIC - "Father Joseph" - Director of the Association of Marian Helpers  Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The title of our show will be "Helping the despondent survive this up side down world-- Life is worth living, especially now!"

October  28th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest will be: Susan Tassone  Let's talk about Susan's latest book.. "Jesus Speaks to St. Faustina and You".. Susan is the defender of souls in Purgatory and will help us pray for them especially during the month of November.  Please don't miss this show for sure.

November  4tth. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest will be:

"Joan from Rome"

We will be discussing our new young Saint Blessed Carlo Acutis  - and why Italians love him so much, and learn more about this beautiful young man.




September  2nd. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest will be Judith Weible, the widow of the loved Wayne Weible.  Judith has taken over running Weible Columns and New Hope Press Publishing House.  Our topic will be about Pilgrimages, what had happened since the travel restrictions and the future of these life changing trips.  She has lead and will continue to lead the Wayne Weible annual trip to Medjugorje in November.

September  9th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Jack Beers.  He is a Dynamic Catholic Co-Leader who will be talking about the popular mission that helps Catholics to become the Best Version of Themselves.  Jack will help us to discover what it takes to help our parish become all that God intended it to be.




September  16th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Fr. Bob Hogan. Co-Founder of the BROTHERS OF THE BELOVED DISCIPLE.  Fr. was a member of the Society of Mary, the Marianists, before receiving permission from Rome to transfer his vows to he BROTHERS OF THE BELOVED DISCIPLE.  Fr. Bob has written a book on the Charismatic dimension of the Church, CELEBRATING A CHARISMATIC JUBILEE

September  23th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Fr. Agustine Wetta,  Monk at St. Louis Abbey.  Also known as the surfing Monk and many other titles.  Fr. has two degrees in Theology from Oxford University, a BA in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations from Rice University and an MA in English from Middlebury College.  Our topic will be ...Genuine Self Esteem, Life Lessons from 9..his book.  HUMILITY RULES (DON'T MISS THIS ONE)

September  30rd. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Fr. Pagano, one of the host of the CATHOLIC TALK SHOW, a great show for learning and having a great time listening.  After breaking both knees while playing baseball, he was transformed by reading Scriptiure and the Church.  Fr. was ordained in 2013 and is currently in Saint Augustine FL.

 October  7th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Fr. Richard McAlear --- Fr. McAlear is known internationally for his teaching on the Eucharist and for his Ministry of Healing. For more than thirty years, Fr. McAlear has traveled around the world preaching the mercy and love of God that comes through Jesus Christ.

October  14th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Cameron O’Hearn, director of the documentary "Mass of the Ages" - about the the Latin Mass history and future, and his important work for the faith.